basketball hoop installation

We have installed over 500 basketball hoops across Minnesota since 2018. Learn more about the process below and reach out when you are ready to create your home court.

The Process


1. Purchase A hoop

The first step is to select the brand and model hoop you’d like us to install. We are not affiliated with a manufacturer, and are happy to guide you through the selection process.

2. Select accessories

Backstop Netting? Lighting? How about turning your driveway into a professional court with painted game lines? We can do all of that and more.

3. Schedule Installation

Once the hoop delivery date is known, a date can be set for installation.

Install Your Court Now

our expertise

Fast Service

We have installing basketball hoops down to a science, which means you don't have to wait for weeks while your brand new hoop sits in your garage.

Professional work

We know the specifications for your hoop and install to meet them. We stand behind our work and are happy to fix any issues with your hoop in the future.

Hassle free

Spend your time doing things you enjoy - we handle every aspect of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does installation cost?

Installation pricing depends on the brand and model of hoop, your location, and where the hoop will be installed. Please fill out the form on the Contact Us page for a fast, free quote!


What is the process for installation?

Once you have received and approved the installation quote, and the hoop delivery date is known, a date and time can be reserved for installation. The first day of installation involves digging and pouring the concrete footing. Once the concrete has set for 72 hours, we promptly will return for final assembly.


How soon can you install my hoop?

We are typically booked less than a week out. If you call prior to ordering the hoop, installing as soon as the hoop arrives is our goal.

What happens to the dirt that is removed?

If you have a location on site that the dirt can be relocated, our team will be happy to move it there for you. If you do not have somewhere for the dirt to be moved, we charge a fee for disposal that varies based on the hoop size.


Do the utilities need to be marked?

Yes. Once you have selected a hoop, and confirmed the quote, our team will submit a utility locate request. The locate request has a 48 hour minimum response time, and all utilities are typically marked within three business days. You will receive notifications to your email regarding the request.


Do I need to be home when you install the hoop?

For the first day of installation, if we have access to an exterior faucet, electrical outlet, and the hoop parts, you do not need to be home. For assembly, we simply need clear access to the hoop base location, the hoop parts, and final payment.